My name is Blaine Klingler and I currently a Senior computer science student at Wright State University. I have been interesting in programming since I was 11. I am also currently employed by Wright State University as a Help Desk Shift Leader (CaTS).

My first experience with programming involved using a p2p client to download Visual Studio 2003. It took a whole week, but I finally had a working IDE.  I did some searches on the net and ended up at programmersheaven( at least I think). They had tons of projects their and there was one were you moved a rectangle on the screen like a car. I downloaded that project and just started changing variables to see what did what. After a few do overs, I found out how to disable the buffer, but that’s about it. I decided I need some sort of help (A book perhaps?). So, I eventually convinced my mom to buy me a book, but she refused to buy anything online (early Internet paranoia), the only book I found was, Weekend Crash Course C++. This book was awful,  I couldn’t really understand any of it. Once I hit arrays, I decided help from actual humans, so I joined (account created June 7th, 2003. My account is older than most of the admins).

After hanging out on gamedev for a few months, I heard about GameMaker (back when it was fully free). After I made a few games I understand the idea behind Objects and events (very helpful).  I then decided I needed to program my own game.  I heard about allegro from the forums on gamedev so I decided to give it a try.  I found a few pong examples and just learned from them how moving a sprite around the screen worked, what a double buffer was and how to detect input.  I started to make an RTS game, I didn’t have any real development cycle at the time (I didn’t even know what that was). After a month of coding and designing (drawing out what I wanted and figuring out how to do it), I could move my troops (circles…I’m not an artist), select my troops, tell them where to go, I could create troops, and I had a basic GUI.  This is where I hit the wall, I couldn’t figure out path finding, my collision detection wasn’t barely working and I couldn’t figure out how to change array sizes at run time.

Junior year of High School I switched over to a vocational school (Apollo Career Center) so I could learn more about programming. The program I enrolled in was Computer Application Programming. The first year were learned how to design forms (C#), he then showed us how to manipulate databases, design projects with flow charts, pseudo code and UML diagrams. The second year was about the same thing, but this time in and then we got to design the databases. We also learned about the relationships between tables, and a lot of other database things. I graduated at the top of my program. I received a scholarship, an award of distinction and a certificate of completion (for completing the program).

The first two years of college weren’t as exciting as I’d hoped for. I wanted to start learning more about programming, but pre-reqs aren’t something you can easily slip by. I made it through all of my Gen Eds and now I’m in my 2nd to last quarter. I haven’t been able to do much programming on the side, but I have managed to create a 2D zombie game, a few test android projects, started on a ratemyprofessor like system in php, and made a simple chat server and client.